10-year-old leads cops on wild chase in mother’s stolen SUV


A 10-year-old daredevil from Saginaw County embarked on a thrilling escapade down Interstate 75, leaving police in awe. Video footage recently released by the Michigan State Police captures the heart-pounding pursuit.

The clip reveals a silver 2017 Buick Encore, hazard lights ablaze, skillfully maneuvering across three southbound lanes. With the precision of a seasoned pro, our young speedster brings the stolen SUV to a halt near a guardrail, before emerging from the vehicle. The video ends abruptly to shield the identity of the young daredevil.

The hot pursuit started when the stolen SUV caught the attention of motorists, who promptly dialed 911 to report the reckless driving of this mini-maverick. Michigan State Police, along with other law enforcement agencies, swiftly mobilized to apprehend the pint-sized speed demon.

Thanks to the wonders of OnStar technology, the vehicle was remotely disabled, resulting in a gentle collision with a guardrail. The SUV sustained minor damage, a testament to the young driver’s skills.

Undeterred, our courageous speedster made a daring dash into nearby woods but troopers were able to apprehend them in no time. It’s not certain why the child took the vehicle, but reports suggest they simply wanted to reunite with their mother in Detroit.


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