12-year-old’s lead police on wild car chase


A jaw-dropping car chase unfolded in Cheshire County as a 12-year-old girl allegedly took her father’s white Chevy pickup truck for a high-speed joyride through several towns. The New Hampshire Winchester patrol officer involved in the pursuit described it as a dangerous situation, but fortunately, no injuries occurred, per WMUR. 

Dashcam footage captured by a trailing driver showed the dramatic scene, with multiple police vehicles tailing the reckless truck. The young driver veered off the road and even ventured into the oncoming traffic lane, leaving witnesses in awe and concern for public safety.

Candace Connell, who captured the heart-pounding video, expressed her fear as she witnessed the truck’s erratic movements, narrowly avoiding a pedestrian during the chase. However, she commended the police’s composed response in dealing with the situation.

To safely end the chase, law enforcement deployed a spike strip near Hinsdale Road and Main Street in Winchester, successfully puncturing the truck’s tires. The daring girl fled into nearby woods but was swiftly apprehended. The chase lasted about 30 minutes, concluding without harm to anyone involved.

Following the incident, the girl was placed in protective custody before being released to her parents. 


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