16-year-old shakes and shimmies her way to a record-breaking 127-hour dance marathon


Talk about dancing your way into the record books! A spunky 16-year-old girl from India has busted her moves and waltzed her way into the Guinness World Records. Meet Srushti Sudhir Jagtap, the dancing dynamo who grooved her way through a jaw-dropping 127-hour marathon, with only brief breaks sprinkled in for good measure.

Armed with sheer determination and an endless supply of energy, Jagtap hit the dance floor of her school auditorium on May 29. She swayed, twirled, and boogied to the beat for five grueling days until the afternoon of June 3. That’s a mind-boggling 127 hours! 

To keep her stamina in check, Jagtap was granted a precious five-minute break every hour. She cleverly saved up those breaks to accumulate longer periods of rest, usually opting for some well-deserved downtime during the late-night hours. 

And let’s not forget about her dance style. Jagtap chose to showcase the art of Kathak, one of the marvelous forms of Indian classical dance. With each graceful step, she aimed to promote and celebrate the rich heritage of Indian culture.

Her impressive feat shattered the previous record set at 126 hours by Nepalese dancer Bandana Nepal in 2018. 


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