‘Bird with boobs’ statue causes a stir in Massachusetts


The “Seagull Cinderella” statue along Route 18 in New Bedford, Massachusetts is catching the eyes of passing cars and pedestrians like a diva voguing on the runway. 

After its first stint in New Bedford, the feathered fashionista spread her wings back to Maynard, where the locals embraced her with open arms. But, some New Bedford residents claimed the statue was too risqué — it’s a seagull with a daisy bikini and a full skirt — and even started a petition to have it removed. 

For its second stint, artist Donna Dodson slapped on even more clothes for “Seagull Cinderella,” however another petition was started. 

The artistic mastermind behind this avian-meets-empowerment marvel first lent her creation to the city in 2016. With a seagull-shaped figure representing female power and a nod to the city’s aquatic history.

Despite the drama, Donna hopes that those passing by will see the true meaning behind the feathered fairytale – empowerment and philanthropy in one fabulous package. They even made a generous donation to support women experiencing breast cancer.


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