Brewtiful ride: Inventor creates beer-powered motorcycle


Move over, gas-guzzling motorcycles, there’s a new ride in town and it runs on something much more enjoyable: beer! In a stroke of genius — or insanity — Minnesota inventor Ky Michaelson has unveiled his latest creation, a motorcycle powered by an alcoholic beverage.

This beer-powered motorcycle has a 14-gallon keg, which is heated up to a toasty 300 degrees, creating super-heated steam that propels the motorcycle forward. Michaelson claims that this beer bike can reach impressive speeds of up to 150 mph, according to

But wait, it gets better. Michaelson’s son, Buddy, says that the motorcycle could run on almost any beverage, from Red Bull to Caribou Coffee.

So, what’s next for this boozy bike? Michaelson plans to take it out for a spin at a drag strip and see what it can really do. And when it’s finally time to retire this one-of-a-kind invention, it will have a permanent home in Michaelson’s at-home museum of oddball creations. Cheers to that!


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