Brothers take parents’ car for a spin in search of new ride


It was a wild ride for two young Malaysian brothers, ages 6 and 3, who took their parents’ car for a spin in the wee hours of the morning, all in pursuit of a new toy car. 

According to Langkawi police chief Shariman Ashari, the boys had snuck out of their home while their parents were distracted and taken the silver Toyota Vios for a spin, ABC affiliate WFTV reports. The car attracted the attention of other drivers, who gave chase under the assumption that the driver was drunk. Little did they know that it was just two pint-sized car enthusiasts on a mission.

In a video that has since gone viral, the boys can be seen sitting in the driver’s seat, wearing casual shirts and red pants, as they tell passersby of their plan to buy a new toy car.

“Mama is at home and we are going to the store,” the elder brother explains in Malay. “We want to buy a black car,” adds the younger one.

Despite crashing into a lamp post and causing damage to the vehicle, the boys emerged unscathed from the incident.


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