Burger King Thailand debuts the ultimate “Real Meat Burger” consisting of just meat


Burger King Thailand has officially gone wild with their latest creations — first, it was the “real cheeseburger” bursting with an absurd number of American cheese slices, and now, brace yourselves for the “real meat burger” – a carnivore’s dream come true!

In this meaty monstrosity, they’ve abandoned all notions of balance and simplicity. No pickles, no lettuce, no ketchup, absolutely nothing to dilute the meaty madness. It’s just three juicy beef patties, snuggled together between two buns, partying like there’s no tomorrow. 

The burger costs 339 baht (about $9.79) but you can always go the extra mile (or hundred miles) by adding more patties for 100 baht (about $2.89) each, according to the Burger King Thailand Facebook post. 

While it might seem like a joke, one brave food blogger decided to take this “real meat” madness seriously and actually ordered the 100-patty version, according to People

So, if you ever find yourself in Thailand and craving an unapologetic, vegetable-free, sauce-free meat extravaganza, just saunter into a Burger King.


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