California man get prison for cow dung to green energy fraud


Meet Ray Brewer, the mastermind behind a “revolutionary” cow dung-to-green energy scheme that was nothing more than a steaming pile of manure. This charismatic con artist promised investors the moon, claiming to build anaerobic digesters that would turn cow poop into profitable methane. Little did they know, Brewer was milking them for all they were worth.

With forged documents, fake contracts, and a flair for deception, Brewer swindled a whopping $8.75 million from unsuspecting investors, according to the Associated Press. Meanwhile, he lived it up, splurging on lavish properties, flashy trucks, and a new identity when the heat got too hot.

Investors were treated to a grand show of smoke and mirrors, with fake tours, phony reports, and bogus pictures of imaginary machines. They were duped, left high and dry while Brewer bathed in ill-gotten riches.

However, as karma would have it, some savvy investors fought back, winning lawsuits against this cow-poop hustler. But like a slippery snake, Brewer slithered away to Montana, assuming a new identity until the long arm of the law finally caught up with him.

Now, this dung-dealing trickster will be trading his cow schemes for a prison cell.


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