Chipotle’s goes viral after yelp review accuses employee of having an affair with customer’s husband


Move over, telenovelas, because a Fort Myers, Florida Chipotle is serving up a spicy drama that has gone viral faster than their guac runs out.

Twitter’s very own detective, @fiveeightshorty, recently uncovered a treasure trove of Yelp reviews exposing a woman named Lucy, who apparently has an appetite for more than just burritos. Rumor has it that she’s been allegedly cozying up to married customers. 

On the restaurant’s Yelp page, Jessiika F. from Cape Coral issued a juicy warning for fellow married ladies, urging them to steer clear of this love-fueled Chipotle.

“Stay far away,” the review reads. “Lucy the GM or whatever position she is in– she likes to sleep with married man AKA her customers.”

It’s unclear whether the review is serious, but others joined the fray, sharing their own tales of Lucy’s romantic escapades. 

“Lucy is a pig, she slept with my husband too,” reads a review from Jake W. of Tampa Bay. “They need better customer service that doesn’t involve my bed. The guac sucks too!!”

“Dont [sic] send your husbands here to ‘pick up chipotle.’ Next thing you know, Lucy is going to seduce them into sleeping with her like she has with multiple married men!” wrote Evan K. of DeKalb, Illnois in one of their two reviews on Yelp. “You have GUAC to be kidding me!”


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