Couple ties the knot in White Castle wonderland


Love took a detour through the land of sliders when an adventurous couple embarked on a White Castle-themed wedding.

The bride, Jamie West‘s, history intertwined with the fast-food chain, as it had been her survival savior during her homeless days, according to People.

“Most of the time, if you were dirty and obviously homeless, you weren’t welcome, no matter how old you were. White Castle was the only place that no matter where I was, if I saw it, I knew it was safe,” she shared. “I knew they’d feed me. I knew they’d have water. I knew I could use the bathroom. I never once got turned away.”

So when West got engaged to Drew Schmitt, her boyfriend of 15 years, it was a no brainer on where to tie the knot. On May 5, the couple exchanged vows in front of 150 guests in a medieval-themed ceremony at White Castle in Scottsdale.

With a wedding fit for burger royalty, complete with crave-worthy mini-burgers and onion ring bouquets, they proved that true love can be as deliciously unconventional as a late-night snack run.


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