Deep sea professor makes a splash with record-breaking underwater stay


Professor Joseph Dituri made waves this weekend as he broke the record for living underwater without depressurization, AP News reports. 

Dituri made it 74 days underwater, beating the previous record of 73 days, two hours, and 34 minutes, which was set in 2014 at the same location by two Tennessee professors. He has been residing in Jules’ Undersea Lodge, nestled in a 30-foot-deep lagoon in Key Largo, since March 1. Unlike submarines, the lodge lacks pressure-adjusting technology. 

Nicknamed “Dr. Deep Sea,” Dituri follows a daily routine of protein-rich meals, exercise, and napping.

Although Dituri has broken the record, he has no intention of surfacing just yet. He plans to stay until June 9, completing Project Neptune 100 — an underwater mission combining medical research, ocean exploration, and education. Dituri, a University of South Florida educator and retired U.S. Naval officer, conducts physiological experiments to study the effects of extreme pressure. He aims to promote ocean conservation and engage students through online classes and interviews broadcast from his subaquatic studio.

Despite his love for living beneath the waves, Dituri reminisces being on land where he’d “go to the gym at five and then I come back out and watch the sunrise.”


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