Diamond ring emerges from sewage to find its owner


In a surprising turn of events, a lost diamond ring, which embarked on a 13-year journey through sewage, has finally been reunited with its owner.

According o ABC affiliate KSTP, the Metropolitan Council initially discovered the dazzling piece at the Rogers Wastewater Treatment Plant, and after receiving numerous hopeful claimants, the ring was successfully matched to Mary Strand.

As fate would have it, Mary’s husband had gifted her the ring for their 33rd anniversary, but it took an unexpected plunge into the toilet during a fitting mishap. The Strands, who coincidentally own a sewer business called Viking Sewer and Drain Services, valiantly attempted to recover the ring to no avail. Little did they expect that their precious treasure would resurface more than a decade later.

Now, with a few missing stones and band damage, the Strands plan to have the ring reset, resized, and repaired.

Mary’s husband, David, humorously exclaimed, “I was so glad they found it. Now I don’t have to go get another one!” 


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