Dog shelter treats pup for alcohol addiction


In a shocking discovery, staff at an animal shelter found that two of the dogs in their care were experiencing alcohol withdrawal.

According to BBC News, the two dogs were taken in by the shelter after their owner passed away. However, things took a peculiar turn when the pooches began exhibiting symptoms of withdrawal. One of the dogs sadly passed away, while the other required intensive care.

After spending four weeks in the special care unit, the two-year-old Labrador cross named Coco has made a full recovery and is now looking for a new home.

The shelter staff believes that the dogs’ previous owner could have been a heavy drinker, leading to the animals accidentally becoming hooked on alcohol.

“It could be that just after, like say, the owner’s had a drink and they’ve just gone to sleep, and the dogs may have drank it, but we just don’t know,” a staffer said. “We do know that they were very, very well loved, and very well looked after, because he’s, he’s very well-trained, and he loves cuddles.”


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