Drunk and disorderly, taking on cows and owning the night


Picture this: a feral hog stumbling around, drunk as a skunk, on the hunt for some late-night grub. Like any respectable party animal, it raided trash cans for a booze-absorbing snack. After making off with 18 beers, and the liquid courage coursing through its veins, this bold hog decided to pick a fight. And who was its chosen adversary? A cow. Yep, you heard that right.

According to Whiskeyriff.com, witnesses at the riverside campsite saw a ridiculous chase unfold, with the hog sprinting circles around their vehicle, chased by a furious cow. The hog took a daring dive into the river, swimming to the middle like a tipsy Olympian.

Realizing it was outmatched, the hog wisely retreated. Lucky for it, it didn’t end up as a crocodile’s dinner. After its wild night of mischief, the fearless swine stumbled upon a cozy log on the riverbank and conked out. 

Who knew these feral hogs had the audacity to party, pick fights, and create legends that would be retold by campfires for years to come? Cheers to you, adventurous hog, for showing us that even in the animal kingdom, some nights are just too wild to remember.


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