Drunk driver busted with fake ID of UK prime minister


It’s not every day you come across a fake Boris Johnson driver’s license, but Dutch police have seen it all. They recently arrested a drunk driver who presented them with a license featuring the UK Prime Minister’s photo and personal details.

The man was found after authorities went to investigate an incident of a car that crashed into a pole, police spokesperson Thijs Damstra said, per The Guardian. They later found the driver on a bridge, where Damstra says the man “could not identify himself and refused to undertake a breathalyzer test.”

The man was arrested and when police search the car they found a fake driver’s license, complete with a poorly Photoshopped image of Boris Johnson. The fake ID was purportedly issued in 2019 and valid until the end of the year 3000.

It’s unclear where the man got the fake license.


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