Dude wins $100 on scratch-offs, turns it into $300,000 on another one


In what might possibly be the worst lesson ever for compulsive gamblers everywhere, a Michigan man who had just won $100 on a scratch-off lottery ticket let some of that money ride and snagged $300,000 from another one.

The 46-year-old winner, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Michigan State Lottery Wednesday, “I was at the store and bought two $30 tickets and won $100, so I used some of my winnings to purchase more tickets.”

He explains he rarely plays bingo-style games, but seeing a single ticket remaining on the roll for a scratcher called Bingo Blockbuster convinced him to use $5 of his newfound winnings.

Sure enough, the gamble paid off. “I drove straight to the Lottery office in Saginaw to find out what I’d won. When the Lottery employee told me the ticket was a $300,000 winning ticket, I thought I had heard her wrong at first. It still doesn’t feel real as I’m sitting here claiming the prize!” he expressed.

The twice-lucky winner says the jackpot came at the “perfect time,” as his home needs renovations and he has some investments in mind — but he didn’t say if the latter was more scratch-off tickets. 


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