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Jun 04 2023


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Drip Irrigation System Install from Start to Finish (Lunch included)

Learn how to install a drip system off of the hose bib system. We will take the mystery out of it You will learn all of the various parts and concepts and how to install your own irrigation zone(s). We will show you best practices, tips and tricks, tools you can use and/or improvise with, and discuss water needs and schedules for various different plants, and how to hybridize zones if you must.
Managing your own irrigation system will lead to you having a more successful edible landscape, and connection to your food (our main goal).
You will have opportunities to get hands on experience. It does take a degree of physicality, but we will show you how to minimize that in the process.
About the teacher: Michael has been installing drip irrigation systems, and teaching home owners how to operate and repair them, for over 15 years.
TICKETED EVENT: Price of Ticket is *Sliding-Scale*, but keep this in mind. This workshop will save you hundreds to thousands on installation costs if you DIY, and also lead to a more abundant and fulfilling garden. This workshop is key to these goals and so we ask you to honor the amount that you can truly afford.
On-site consultations and installation help if you still want us to do that after the class.
A simple farm based lunch and non alcholic beveridges will be included in your ticket.

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