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Jun 06 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am

Free Holistic Pain Relief Workshop

When you tried everything and nothing is working well enough. . .
When you don’t like the options you’ve been given. . .
When you want a natural approach that is designed to work with your biology and your organic wisdom. . .
Holistic pain relief integrates mind and body.
In this workshop you’ll learn the 2 most common mistakes people make about pain and what to do instead.
You’ll also find out about the latest research on what has actually been tested and shown to work well and why other things don’t work very well so you can avoid wasting time and energy.
Participants will be guided through several simple techniques that help reduce pain and help bring about better outcomes. The techniques explore topics from mindset to breathing and gentle movements anyone can do.
WHEN: Tuesday June 6, 10am-11am
WHERE: Hood River Adult Center
Contact for any questions or further details.
The workshop will be taught by Molly Jaeger, Mindbody Coach and Holistic Pain Relief Specialist of Move To Nourish. Molly is a guild certified practitioner in The Feldenkrais Method® and brings over 10 years of experience in the area of pain relief, functional movement and awareness-based practices. Her mission is to empower people in their pain relief journey and help them access more of their natural capacity to heal and thrive.

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