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Oct 28 2023


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Funkship Humanifesto Party

WHERE AS Life is hard. We spend more time laboring than doing the things we know we love.
THEREFORE It takes courage to face the Insanity of existence, look it square in the eye, and say I’m going to funkify you, motha funka.
THEREBY Funkification of one’s life, in a drummer’s opinion, begins from the drum throne. The drummers kingdom consists of a handful of drums and cymbals, which produce funky noise for the funky band mates to groove along. The funk starts from behind the drum kit and emanates forth, like a funky snow ball rolling down a big rock candy mountain.
HENCEFORTH Let it be known that FunkShip wants you to funkify your life- not just at our shows, but in everything that you do. Sing to thy self “everything I do gohn be funky from now on.” This is the way of the universe, funky people. Welcome aboard.
Come Funk it up and Dance with the Funkship at our Halloween Dance Party!
Bingen Theater, Doors at 7:30.

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