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Jun 01 - 04 2023


2:00 am - 5:00 pm

Goldendale Bluegrass Pickers Festival

This popular event draws bluegrass pickers and fans from across the Pacific Northwest for a weekend of informal music, reconnecting with old friends and the enjoyment of visiting Goldendale. The festival’s organizers invite residents of Goldendale and nearby communities to stop by for the day or an evening, as they have in past years. Visitors are welcome to join the jamming, pull up a chair around a campfire or watch the impromptu stage shows.
The pickers fest was started by a group of friends who fell in love with Goldendale while visiting a previously-held bluegrass festival in Ekone Park. When that festival closed, the friends decided to build their own, taking the best of the old and the best of the new. The best of the old is Ekone Park, Goldendale’s location and its hospitality. The best of the new is the low cost (free for day visitors and only $10/person for weekend camping) and the very casual nature of the event. One of the founders likes to describe the experience of camping at the Goldendale Pickers Festival this way: “Ten dollars gets you ten million stars and all the old-time country and bluegrass music you can carry.”
This event often feels more like a family reunion than a formal festival. Much of the music takes place at campsite gatherings. In the late afternoon and evenings, many of the musicians attending like to perform on a small stage near the gazebo. Often an established band will play, and other times a group of people who just met at the festival will take the stage – showing us all how much fun spontaneous music can be. Whenever you stop by, there is certain to be music throughout the park – from old time string band tunes to classic country and banjo break-downs.

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