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Jun 23 2023


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Holistic Pain Relief Workshop, Your Pain: Discover The Root Cause And Find Relief

Holistic Pain Relief Workshop, Your Pain Decoded: Discover The Root Cause And How To Get Relief
Ever wonder what else it is you have to try before a pain issue will go away? How much time and money it will take. . . or if it’s just something you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life? This inspiring and provocative workshop will help you answer these questions with clarity.
Pain that doesn’t go away is a complex, nervous system phenomenon, but when you understand the root cause, the solution to get relief is actually simple.
I’ll explain why traditional techniques can fall short and what you need to do to help your body release the pain so you can feel better faster and get back to what you love. This workshop is for discerning people looking for a natural alternative that works with the bio-intelligence of the human body and is grounded in neuroscience and research.
I’ll cover

The Mindbody connection in pain and why it’s essential to know about it
Top mistakes people make that make pain last and what to do instead
Neurosomatic techniques for immediate pain relief (Yes, it really works)
Attendees will be guided through several mindbody techniques for pain relief, including simple breathing methods you can do on your own in a seated position.

To sign up go to this link and put your name on the list :
WHEN: FRIDAY JUNE 23, 4pm-5pm at FLOW STUDIO (1015 12th St Hood River)
Light snacks and tea available!
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