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May 16 2023


4:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Mars Retrieval Unit w/ Sam Humans

Doors open at 5:30pm. All Ruins Tuesdays & Thursday shows are $3 cover if you arrive before 7pm, and $8 cover if you arrive after that. No early entry please! We aren’t ready for you until 5:30pm….
“Mars Retrieval Unit (MRU) has been rocking the music scene in the Pacific Northwest across the span of almost 20 years with ever-evolving, high-energy, psychedelic, dance party grooves and new progressive rock.
The band draws influences from Frank Zappa, moe., Bjork, Stereolab, George Clinton, Phish, Pink Floyd, Zero 7, and Rush, to name just a few. Precise musical execution combined with a fearlessness to explore uncharted musical territory in front of a live audience are a continuing
trademark of this band.
The newest incarnation of the band is a dueling guitar shred fest of Rob Sipsky and Dan Duval, flanking Chelsea Luker’s soulful vocals, saxophone and flute expeditions, Murray Gusseck’s skilled acrobatic drumming and Chris Friesen’s energetic and ground shaking bass. Soaring guitar melodies float effortlessly atop a colorful fabric of intricately woven rhythms and layers, transporting audience and band alike across the solar system to places unexplored and yet strangely like home. MRU loves paying tribute to their idols, but they also take pride in an expanding book of unique original material- a fusion of odd meter vs. dance; atonal vs. static
jams- all incorporating group improvisation. They invite you to listen.
Do you have what it takes…to rocket into outer space?”
Things to note for 2023:
1. This year there will be no re-entry once you have paid and entered the show. We will be creating a smoking-area that will be accessible without having to leave the property.
2. There is limited seating available, so if having a seat/table is important to you, we suggest arriving when the doors open at 5:30pm.
3. There will no longer be a Locals Thursday series. We’re changing Thursdays to just mirror what we do on Tuesdays, with touring, regional, and national bands. We will still have plenty of local talent gracing our stage this year in support roles.
4. We still don’t allow dogs! Dogs are great, but it would be dog madness if we let them attend shows. We’d also really prefer if you didn’t leave them unattended in your vehicle.
5. Outside alcohol is NOT ALLOWED! Violators will be 86’d and publicly shamed. We keep our costs absurdly low, so we see bringing in outside alcohol as an insult and amateurish behavior.
6. The parking lot does NOT belong to The Ruins. Yes, the actual owners of the parking lot expect you to pay to park. It’s usually about $4. It’s not our deal. We highly encourage people to walk, ride their bikes, or carpool. This year we will have a massively larger bike rack available as well.
7. Tail-gating is not allowed in the Mt Hood Railroad parking lot. They are implementing a “no open containers” policy for their entire lot. Please respect their wishes and help us to maintain a positive relationship with our community and neighbors.
8. We do rent out the Grotto Bar and/or the Indoor Bar during concerts, for birthdays, business receptions, etc. Email for more information.
9. Ruins Tuesdays are May through August. Ruins Thursdays are June through August. For other non-Tues/Thurs concerts, please see our website at

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