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Apr 08 2023


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Oregon Moonshine: Book Signing & Meet and Greet at HdRv Distillers

Come and meet Bruce Haney, Author of Eccentric Tales of Boring, Oregon and Oregon Moonshine: Bootleggers, Busts and Brawls.
About the Book
Moonshining is deep-rooted in the history of Oregon, stretching back to the days before it became a state. In 1844, when it was still Oregon Territory, one of the first moonshiners, James Conner, challenged a lawman to a duel for busting his illegal operation. The McKenzie River Bandits had better luck hiding from the law and produced bootleg booze for nearly five years before their arrest. It wouldn’t be the last time they were caught. Over the years, outlaw moonshiners engaged in car chases, shootouts and even attempted an assassination to protect their hidden distilleries–and way of life. Join author Bruce Haney as he chronicles the intoxicating history of Oregon moonshine.

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