Fire Island ferries reminds daredevils not to become fish food


New York’s Fire Island Ferries is delivering a safety reminder that’s making waves.

It all started when a daredevil dude decided to take an impromptu dive off a ferry and flat-out refused to hop back on board, News 12 reports. Like a fish with a plan, he swam ashore and attempted a hasty getaway. Cue the police sirens and a dramatic showdown.

But here’s the kicker: Underneath those picturesque ferries lie three colossal propellers that would make minced meat out of anyone daring enough to take a dip. Fire Island Ferries’ General Manager, Dave Anderson, didn’t mince his words either, warning that becoming fish food isn’t a pretty sight. 

Oh, and if the risk of being transformed into fish bait isn’t enough to deter you, there’s also the small matter of a potential $25,000 fine for rail jumping. That’s right, folks, not only will you become shark chow, but you’ll also have to cough up a pretty penny. So, let’s be smart and enjoy the ferry ride the way it was meant to be—safely, stylishly, and without any unplanned detours into shark-infested waters.


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