Florida artist crafts jewelry from milk and ashes


In the eccentric land of Lakeland, Florida, a brilliant woman has unleashed her extraordinary talents upon the world, crafting jewelry from the most unexpected materials.

Rachel Heinze, a Floridian with a knack for creativity, turned her side hustle into a thriving full-time gig by crafting personalized keepsakes from breastmilk and cremation ashes. According to Good News Network, she turns clients’ breast milk into powder before making it into the item — and can combine ashes and colored stones into designs too.

“I thought it was weird,” said Heinze. “But having that journey myself, I can definitely see why people want to carry that little part of the journey with them. When I hit that one year of breastfeeding mark I wanted to celebrate.”

Rachel, who left her job as “a professional neuroscientist,” earns $30K annually while cherishing time with her kids. Mommy’s Comfort Keepsakes, her Instagram-based business, is where she sells most of her designs for under $150. Patience pays, as her two-three month turnaround time ensures top-notch craftsmanship. She also offers “do it yourself kits.”

So, if you’re looking to stand out with jaw-dropping jewelry that’s as unique as your personality, embrace this Lakeland maven’s offbeat masterpieces.


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