Fore! Ice ball from the skies leaves golf course baffled


In a meteorological mystery that could have given golfers a frosty reception, officials from Belvoir Park Golf Club in Victoria, Australia, were left scratching their heads over a giant divot on the fifth hole green. Superintendent Dylan Knight was summoned to the scene early Tuesday, only to discover that the damage wasn’t the handiwork of an errant swing, but rather a colossal ice ball explosion.

As reported by WIN News, chunks of ice, some as far as 160 feet away, studded the area, leaving a dent in the ground that hinted at a considerable fall from the heavens. Knight mused that the most plausible explanation was a high-flying culprit — an airplane. Aviation experts agreed, despite the rarity of such incidents due to plane de-icing technology.

As repairs were scheduled to mend the chilly damage, the bizarre case remains a reminder that sometimes, the skies can serve up unexpected curveballs.


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