Former manager claims firing over shopping cart shenanigans


A Big Lots manager is asking for help after she was fired for trying to retrieve one of the store’s shopping carts. 

Lily Oxford, a former manger at the retail store said on her GoFundMe page, “I was fired from Big Lots yesterday for following a thief outside to recover my cart and 17 things of Tide pods.”

Oxford went on to say that a homeless man filled the cart with the laundry detergent and walked out. She said she “followed him to get my cart.” After noticing the man headed towards a car she began recording on her phone.

“The getaway driver seen I was recording and got scared and literally made the thief give me all of the product back! I really thought I did a good thing by recovering the product but instead I was fired,” she explained.

Oxford, who is “a single mom of 2 teenagers,” said she started the GoFundMe to help with rent while she waits for unemployment and continued to fill out applications.  


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