Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions here are some of the most asked.

Creating an account is simple click here and we’ll take you to the account registration page and get you started.

Your account for personal use is 100% Free, but you can make a donation to help us pay for operating costs and developing new features. However, if you wish to purchase advertising for your business, there is a small fee for advertisements.

While anyone can create an account, we do have rules governing the use of our service. See our Legal & Privacy Page for more information.

Yes, you can invite your friends, your family, your cat if you like to join Global Social Gathering.  Just be sure to read our Legal and Privacy Page regarding our Terms of Service.

No, currently we have no referral system in place. We rely on our own marketing and the kindness of others to spread the word about Global Social Gathering.

You will find an option to remove your account and its contents inside your Profile Settings page.

In order to post to our site you must complete your profile by filling out the various bits of info so the community can know more about you.  This also helps us because it helps our software and security team weed out the bots and scammers from our platform.

The nations blocked by our platform are well known to be origin points of an overwhelming majority of bots and trolls that are used to engage in influence operations against not only the West but their own neighbors, as well as attempts to disenfranchise and divide social media users worldwide. Blocking these nations is the most effective way to keep our community safe and secure for our users. Global Social Gathering is constantly monitoring the internet ecosystem to mitigate threats to our community. Banned nations may be added or removed at our discretion. Currently banned countries include: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and Syria.



No. The nations blocked contain individuals of all races. Nations are not races. We block hostile nations because it is the most effective way to stop the abuse coming from their IP space online. “Racism” has absolutely nothing to do with IP addresses or preserving a quality community within Global Social Gathering. Additionally, any nationals from any of the blocked countries are welcome to participate on the network so long as they are not currently inside a blocked nations borders.

Now seems like a good time to mention that Global Social Gathering has built in automatic translation into over 80 languages.



No. Currently, at the time of writing there are 195 nations on planet earth. We block 7 of them. ‘Nationalistic’ is defined as “having strong patriotic feelings, especially a belief in ones own country’s superiority.” Again, we block 7 of 195 countries. So ask yourself: which country of the remaining 188 countries free to access the site is Global Social Gathering ‘nationalistic’ about?



No. Censorship is defined as the act of redacting or altering ‘unacceptable’ parts of an existing communication. Therefore, “censoring” can only occur to content that has already been written and submitted to our platform. Bad actors are prohibited from creating content on Global Social Gathering in the first place, therefore blocking hostile nations is not “censorship.



Freedom of Speech is a First Amendment right defined in the UNITED STATES Constitution. It guarantees that the U.S. Federal Government cannot infringe on an individual’s right to say whatever they’d like. Global Social Gathering is not the federal government, therefore it is impossible, by definition, for Global Social Gathering to be in violation of an individual’s 1st Amendment rights to ‘free speech’. Sidenote: the UNITED STATES Constitution is relevant in the United States and to United States citizens, where our servers are based. US ‘free speech’ law is inapplicable elsewhere.




Global Social Gathering is a private entity. As a private entity, Global Social Gathering can configure security for its hardware/software assets and users as it see’s fit, including firewalls, traffic filtering WAF’s etc. Global Social Gathering is not required to grant protections aside from those stated in our Terms of Service and/or End User License Agreement, which can be changed at any time, for any reason.

To delete your account, login and select the Profile Dropdown Menu at the upper right of your screen then select Edit Profile.  Under the Account Settings widget select Delete Account and follow the instructions.

CAUTION:  This action is irreversible once completed, you may wish to Export Your Data first.

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Global Social Gathering is a privately held and run platform providing a clean and diverse social platform for all walks of life. Rather than charge a monthly or annual subscription fee to help cover the cost of operations we rely on donations from our members to assist us in offsetting the cost of providing the service.

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