From “I Do” to “I’m Lovin’ It”: McDonald’s offers wedding package


Move aside, traditional weddings, because McDonald’s is here to sprinkle some extra spice onto your special day. The fast food giant has cooked up a wedding package in Indonesia that has the internet buzzing with jokes and memes faster than you can say, “I’m lovin’ it.”

Forget about champagne toasts and five-course meals. McDonald’s knows what the people really want: a Big Mac down the aisle and a side of fries with their vows. The company’s Indonesian Twitter page announced they’ll provide a wedding package of 100s of chicken burgers, 100s of four-piece McNuggets as well as other deals.

“Let’s make your wedding moment more memorable with the Wedding Mekdi package! For only IDR 3.5 million (roughly $232.51), you can get 100 Chicken Burgers and 100 packages of McNuggets containing 4 pieces,” the tweet read according to a Google translation.

So, to all the burger-loving couples out there, if you’re looking to add a dash of McMagic to your big day, don’t be afraid to supersize your dreams and say “I do” with a side of McFlurry. 


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