Get A Blue Checkmark

How to get your blue verified checkmark.

How to get the blue checkmark


What does the blue checkmark mean?


A blue checkmark is used to indicate active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that we have independently verified based on certain requirements.

A blue checkmark means:

  • the account has an active subscription and has met our eligibility criteria (active, notable, and authentic).

Eligibility criteria for the blue checkmark


Our team uses an eligibility criteria on when the checkmark is given to ensure we maintain the integrity of the platform. Your account must meet the following criteria to receive or retain the blue checkmark: 

  • Complete: Your account must have a display name and profile photo

  • Active use: Your account must be active in the past 30 days

  • Security: Your account must be older than 90 days upon subscription and have a confirmed phone number

  • Non-Deceptive:

    • Your account must have no recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle)

    • Your account must have no signs of being misleading or deceptive

    • Your account must have no signs of engaging in platform manipulation and spam

The checkmark will appear once our team reviews your account and if it meets our requirements.


Loss of the blue checkmark


In accordance with the Terms of Service, we may remove the checkmark of an account at any time without notice. 

To minimize confusion and promote integrity on the platform, changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle) will result in a temporary loss of the blue checkmark until your account is validated as continuing to meet our requirements. No further changes to your profile photo, display name, or username will be allowed during this review period.

The checkmark will appear again once our team reviews your account and if it continues to meet our requirements.

We may also remove the checkmark from accounts that are found to be in violation of the Platform Rules.

You may not purchase receive a blue checkmark if you are a person with whom Global Social Gathering is not permitted to have dealings under US and any other applicable economic sanctions and trade compliance law.

Any violation of the Terms of Service or Platform Rules, manipulation of Platform processes, or circumvention of enforcement actions may result in the loss of the checkmark or in certain instances, suspension.

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