Godshall’s quality meats sets world ablaze with 17-Foot turkey bacon triumph


In a sizzling feat of meat mastery, Pennsylvania’s Godshall’s Quality Meats decided to turn up the heat on National Turkey Lovers Month and the start of summer by breaking a Guinness World Record. With sheer bacon brilliance, they cooked up a colossal strip of turkey bacon that stretched over a whopping 17 feet, leaving breakfast enthusiasts gobbling with awe, according to a press release. 

President Ron Godshall orchestrated this epic breakfast quest, subjecting the bacon to a smoky voyage lasting more than 6 hours in a colossal 25-foot-long, 10-foot-wide smokehouse oven. As the legendary Christine Fernandez, a Guinness World Records adjudicator, laid her measuring tape upon the bacon behemoth, it was revealed to be an impressive 17 feet and three-quarters of an inch, shattering the 16.6-foot goal set by GWR like a crispy piece of bacon snapping in two.

The record-breaking bacon was then sliced into delectable portions and served at a BLT luncheon, where attendees relished in the meaty triumph. And because bacon should never go to waste, the remaining portions were generously donated to Lebanon County Christian Ministries, spreading the bacon love to those in need.


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