Green genius grows own toilet paper using surprising method


Meet Rob Greenfield, the eco-activist who’s taking “going green” to a whole new level. Instead of using store-bought toilet paper, he’s opting for a more natural solution: leaves from the blue spur flower plant in his own backyard.

But he’s not keeping this revolutionary idea to himself. In fact, he’s currently on a tour of major cities in Florida, promoting his Grow Your Own Toilet Paper Initiative. He sets up his compost toilet alongside packages of commercial toilet paper and his own leafy alternative, encouraging passersby to try it out and ask questions.

So why is he doing this? For Greenfield, it’s all about raising awareness. He believes we’ve become too disconnected from where our products come from and the impact they have on the environment. By using toilet paper trees instead of buying commercial paper, we can make a small but meaningful change.

“I want to show people that another way is possible,” he tells People. “We live in this consumer culture where most of us don’t really know where things come from, how they get to us, and what the impact it is that it has on the earth. And toilet paper’s no exception. We just buy it at the store and we never think twice about it.”


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