Group Guidelines

Like real life, we have some rules for our platform.

Groups are a big part of Global Social Gathering and group administrators play a large role in making sure that everyone enjoys participating in groups on Global Social Gathering. To make sure that group leaders are all on the same page we wrote the following list of general Group Leader Guidelines we would like all group leaders to follow.

Just remember, participation on Global Social Gathering is always subject to our Legal & Privacy Policies.

See a Need, Fill a Need, Start a Group

Have a new idea for a group? Can’t find a group that speaks to you? Want to start a group to promote your business, event or organization. Then just do it already. Start a new group.

Love Your Group

The fun part is getting your group off the floor. A little bit of time and love will go a long way in creating a successful group. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a good name for your group: something that is descriptive and calls to people.
  • Write a good group description: people want to know what they are joining.
  • Start new discussion on a daily basis: people are always looking for good discussions.
  • Tell people about your group: friends, like minded people… anyone who might enjoy it.
  • Just be yourself and have fun with it: fun and authenticity, nothing is more important.

Find Good Group Moderators to Help You Out

What makes a good group moderator? Someone who shares your vision for the group. Someone who will contribute regularly to the group and help you moderate and maintain it. You can never have enough good group leaders to help you out.

What happens if it does not work out with one of the group leaders you choose? No worries. A group owner can not only add new moderators to the team but remove any of them if needed.

We Are Very Open Minded – But Certain Content Is A No-No

Certain topics are prohibited on Global Social Gathering. Some of them are for legal reasons and others are from limitations put on us by banks and credit card companies.

You can have intellectual discussions, but you cannot post content that is considered obscene by community standards such as: Nudity, Porn, or any acts that portray violence against others including animals.  See our Legal & Privacy policies for a platform wide explanation of prohibited content.

As group owners and moderators, we would appreciate you moderating these subjects appropriately.  If we have to moderate your content, you will be notified via a private message of the content that was removed for violations of our guidelines and policies.

You as a group owner can (and we encourage it) write your own group guidelines so long as they do not interfere with platform wide rules and guidelines.

Don’t Let People Ruin It For Others

We want you to encourage healthy debate but there is a big difference between that and a discussion which has degraded into people attacking one another.

Aggressive personal attacks, criminal accusations, making fun of, trolling, flaming, bullying, racial slurs or any other type of malicious behavior that lowers the quality of a discussion needs to be moderated quickly before things get out of control and ruin the experience for everyone.  Example:

“I think you are dumb f*** with two peas for a brain for wanting to kick a poor defenseless animal. You should be dragged out into the street and get karate chopped by Chuck Norris.”

Now this needs to be edited or removed.

Taking Care of Your Group

When you come across any content that needs to be moderated we recommend you remove it and email the poster to explain to them why it needed to go. Copying and pasting the original content back is always appreciated so that they don’t lose any of the good stuff while just removing the bad stuff.

In addition to moderating content you can also close and re-open a discussion to give people the chance to cool-down and gather their thoughts.

If a member of your group continuously causes problems then we recommend you ban them from your group. Once you ban a member from your group it’s a good idea to send a friendly head’s up to us at and let us know what is going on.

If We Get Any Reports About Content In Your Group

We always recommend to members of the community that they first contact you if they see or are having any problems in your group. But if we do get a report about content in your group that breaks any of our Community Guidelines or Legal & Privacy policies we will investigate and if we have to act on the report we will inform you, the group owner, of anything we did in your group. In the case of cross-posts, member deletions, and spam we will not notify you, the group owner, if we remove content from your group.

Inactive Group Owners

We know that sometimes things happen, and situations change. So, if a group owner is no longer able to be active in the moderation of their group and we feel that members are at a disadvantage as a result, we will consider finding a new group owner to take the place of the inactive group owner.

Of course, we’d always prefer that the group owner takes the initiative and finds a suitable replacement for themselves.

The Platform Administrators Are Here To Help You Out Whenever You Need It

The platform Administrators are Global Social Gatherings support team. If you have any questions, need a second opinion or just want our platform administrators to take care of something for you because you are not comfortable handling it yourself please don’t hesitate to email them at

Make A Donation
Global Social Gathering is a privately held and run platform providing a clean and diverse social platform for all walks of life. Rather than charge a monthly or annual subscription fee to help cover the cost of operations we rely on donations from our members to assist us in offsetting the cost of providing the service.