Haunted pub catches ghostly shattering of pint glass on camera


Get ready for a spooky story because a haunted pub is making headlines!

Surveillance footage captured at an England bar shows the moment a pint glass inexplicably shattered, spilling beer and glass all over the table and diners, and now the owners believe it’s evidence their pub is haunted, the New York Post reports. 

“Going through the security tapes, I suddenly realized that another customer had lost his drink at the same table in December,” said Andy Gadsby, who runs the bar with his wife Katie. “He had sat down at the same table, and his pint looked like it’d been pushed onto the floor.”

The pub owner claims that the building has a long history of paranormal activity. 

“Apparently, a tenant called Dave lived in the flat above the pub, and one night, he drank a bottle of brandy and had a heart attack and died.” 

The owners speculate that “maybe his spirit is around the pub, and he’s desperately trying to pinch people’s drinks.” However, they aren’t too scared and are having fun with the idea. 


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