Is it a bear or is it a human in a bear suit? China zoo denies claims of human bears


Hold your horses, internet detectives! The bear truth has been set straight in Eastern China’s Hangzhou Zoo after the rumor mill went wild with claims that their sun bears were actually cunningly disguised humans. 

The zoo, baffled by the uproar caused by a viral video of a sun bear standing tall on its hind legs, felt compelled to step in. According to the Associated Press, the zoo wittily issued a statement from the bear’s perspective that said, “Some people think I stand like a person. It seems you don’t understand me very well.” 

Just to drive the point home, a zoo spokesperson couldn’t bear the gossip any longer and confirmed that these were indeed genuine sun bears, not some cosplay enthusiasts pulling a fast one. They even quipped that anyone attempting to wear a bear costume in the sweltering Eastern China summer would melt within minutes.


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