Killer Cheesecake? Woman sentenced to 20 years for poisoning doppelganger’s dessert


Viktoria Nasyrova, a Russian woman, has been sentenced to 21 years in a US prison for attempting to murder her American doppelganger with poisoned cheesecake and stealing her identity.

According to The Guardian, Nasyrova, 47, visited the victim’s home with the gift of cheesecake. After eating the treat, the victim felt sick. The next day a friend found the victim unconscious and prosecutors said pills were scattered around to make it look like the victim tried to kill herself. Additionally, the victim’s passport, employment authorization card, and jewelry were missing.

Both Nasyrova and the victim had similar appearances — dark hair, both spoke Russian, same skin complexion as well as other similarities, the trial heard. 

Apparently, Nasyrova’s toxic cheesecake was laced with phenazepam, a highly potent sedative. Nasyrova was convicted of attempted murder, assault, unlawful imprisonment and theft by a New York jury in February.  


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