Leopard faces off with 50 baboons


A daring leopard’s ill-fated attempt at hunting a troop of baboons turned into a jaw-dropping encounter captured by Ricky da Fonseca, a bush enthusiast, in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Shared through LatestSightings.com, the video unfolded near Tshokwane picnic site as da Fonseca and fellow onlookers witnessed a male leopard sauntering near a baboon troop.

Against expectations, the leopard entered stalking mode, disappearing into the grass before pouncing on a baboon. In an unexpected twist, the baboon troop responded swiftly, uniting in an overwhelming attack. Their coordinated assault left the leopard surrounded, shrieking, and battered. The gripping footage portrayed the remarkable clash of nature’s forces, with the baboons ultimately relenting and allowing the leopard to escape, albeit with minor injuries.

Da Fonseca described the event as extraordinary, highlighting the unpredictability of wildlife encounters. The leopard’s audacious pursuit taught a humbling lesson as the crafty hunter found himself outwitted by a united primate defense.


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