Man fights off robbers … then gets slammed for it


A Tokyo man recently fought off robbers using a man catcher, or catch pole, an 18th century instrument consisting of a pole mounted to a two-pronged head used to pull people off horses — but not everybody was impressed.

It seems a viral video of the incident has caused a surge in purchases of man catchers, leading a maker of the apparatuses to issue a warning for people, according to a statement obtained by Sora News 24.

“Man catchers are not themselves designed as weapons,” he says. “Fundamentally, they’re meant to be used by a team of multiple people [each with a man catcher] who [thrust them to] immobilize the person’s arms and legs. We cannot recommend swinging them around or using them for striking.”

The maker warns that there’s a chance the criminal could snatch the device away from the them, especially if the crook is bigger. While the pole may offer the best protection in certain situations, it’s always better to weigh the potential risks.


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