Maryland historic license plates lead to online gambling site


In a surprising twist of online mischief, hundreds of thousands of Maryland license plates have unwittingly become high-stakes gamblers!

According to ABC News 4, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration recently discovered that the website address printed on the state’s War of 1812 license plates now leads to a gambling site nestled in the tropical embrace of the Philippines. 

These historic license plates, designed by the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, were once a patriotic symbol, bearing the URL Originally, this web address belonged to Star-Spangled 200 Inc., a nonprofit associated with the commission, dedicated to funding bicentennial projects and events. But the digital winds have since shifted, and the URL now leads unsuspecting visitors to a far more thrilling experience on the virtual gambling tables.

An estimated 798,000 active Maryland license plates proudly display this now-redirecting URL, leaving officials scratching their heads and residents raising their eyebrows. Rest assured, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration wants nothing to do with this unexpected detour into online gambling. Their trusty IT department is hard at work, exploring options to bring these wayward license plates back to their patriotic roots.


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