Microscopic Louis Vuitton bag sells for over $60,000


Hold onto your magnifying glasses, fashionistas, because the latest trend is all about thinking small!

A microscopic Louis Vuitton bag has taken the fashion world by storm, selling for a jaw-dropping price of over $60,000, according to The Guardian. This tiny “Microscopic Handbag” by New York-based art collective MSCHF is barely visible to the naked eye at less than 0.03 inches wide, or more technically, 657 by 222 by 700 microns.

The exact selling price was $63,750.

The neon green marvel was crafted by a 3D printer using the futuristic technique of 2-photon polymerization printing. This masterpiece, a tiny tribute to Louis Vuitton’s renowned OnTheGo tote, beckons you to admire its intricate details under a microscope’s watchful eye.

Kevin Wiesner, the chief creative officer of MSCHF, told the publication that because Williams “loves big hats”, “we made him an incredibly small bag”.

Wiesner also claimed that he believed the “bag” to be “a funny object because it derives from something rigorously functional”.


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