Mom ends friendship after daughter shattered $200 Chanel perfume


A mom and her friend — referred to as “Ella” and “Charlotte,” respectively to protect their privacy — have ended their friendship after Charlotte insisted on being reimbursed for a $200 bottle of perfume shattered by Ella’s curious 4-year-old.

In a story told to KidSpot, Ella explains that she left her child with Charlotte, confident in her supervision, only to return to a furious friend and a sobbing child. Charlotte blamed the child for breaking the expensive Chanel perfume and expected Ella to foot the bill. But Ella was taken aback. She expected Charlotte to watch over her daughter and keep pricey items out of reach.

To Ella’s surprise, her daughter revealed that Charlotte had encouraged her to explore the en-suite bathroom with the “pretty bottles.”

Though the child confessed and apologized, Charlotte remained irate and wasted no time demanding repayment via text. Ella refused, reminding Charlotte of her responsibility as the babysitter.

Since the incident, silence hangs between the two, and Ella has no desire to reconnect.


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