Mom snack-shamed by preschool for sending 3-year-old to school with Pringles


Snack shaming a 3-year-old? That’s what happened to one mom who sent her son to school with a pack of Pringles, according to People. Apparently, the school thought they knew better and sent a note home asking for healthier snacks. But that’s not all: they wrote a passive-aggressive message on the empty Pringles container, asking the mom to help them make healthy choices at school. 

According to the outlet, the mom, Megan, took to TikTok to share her frustration, saying that they shouldn’t label snacks as “healthy” or “unhealthy” because it could lead to eating disorders.

Megan, who confronted the school about their snack shaming, also claims they withdrew her child from their summer program.

“It was just so uncalled for and disrespectful and unsettling,” Megan added. 


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