North Hollywood pizza shop revealed as secret drug lab


Pizza, drugs, and a whole lot of trouble! Last week, in a stunning revelation, a so-called pizza kitchen in North Hollywood turned out to be nothing more than a front for a drug lab, ABC7 reports.

The cleverly disguised operation was busted on Thursday, June 22 during an LAPD narcotics investigation. It was revealed that the seemingly innocent warehouse on Radford Avenue had been transformed into a “super lab” for extracting honey oil, aka cannabis oil or hash oil. Not only did this illicit setup pose a serious danger to nearby businesses, including a pet clinic, but honey oil labs are notorious for their explosive potential.

The authorities wasted no time, swiftly apprehending two individuals who were promptly thrown behind bars without bail. As the lab was dismantled to ensure safety, it became clear that this wasn’t some small-time operation. A mere gram of honey oil can command a staggering $50 on the market, and the mass production of this sticky substance had the potential to rake in thousands of dollars per week.

LAPD Captain Lillian Carranza shed light on the lucrative nature of the honey oil business, reminding us all that crime and profit often go hand in hand. While this pizza kitchen may have served up a taste of danger, the authorities have successfully shut down the operation, ensuring that the neighborhood can now enjoy their pizza without any added illegal toppings. 


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