Philly’s traffic-stopping dog finds his way home


The rebellious highway hound strikes again! Enzo, the escape artist canine who turned I-95 into his personal playground during Friday’s rush hour in Philadelphia, decided to pull off another disappearing act over the weekend. But fear not, fellow commuters, Enzo is now safely back home, likely with a mischievous grin on his face.

Town and Country Pet Center, a.k.a. Enzo’s weekend retreat, revealed that this furry fugitive was dropped off on Sunday morning by a Good Samaritan who spotted him sprinting like a track star down State Road, living his life on the edge next to I-95, according to ABC affiliate WPVI. 

In a delightful case of déjà vu, this is the same place Enzo was rushed to last Friday after the troopers performed their “catch the speedy pup” routine on the highway. Apparently, the escapades left Enzo a tad shaken, with the pup crew noting signs of dramatic doggy trauma.

Enzo’s savvy owner has taken notes from this thrilling saga and has already scheduled a date with the microchip master for her four-legged Harry Houdini.


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