Pig plays game of hide and seek with police


Police in New Zealand have been caught in a long game of hide-and-seek with a pig that caused traffic on Auckland’s highway.

According to New Zeland’s RNZ media, Waka Kotahi’s Auckland System Management, the police, and Auckland Council Animal Control have teamed up to take down the hog. They’ve laid traps, they’ve staked out the scene, but this little swine has proven to be quite the escape artist!

The pig’s game of hide-and-seek with the authorities reached peak excitement Tuesday, August 1 when it decided to make a grand appearance near an on-ramp. The moment the handlers arrived, it vanished like a magician’s trick into the bush, leaving them scratching their heads and traffic temporarily halted at the interchange.

Don’t be fooled, though; this pig is no amateur. It’s sunbathing one minute, and the next, it’s gone, just like that, leaving everyone baffled and traffic in a tizzy. 

“The naughty piggy is very smart — he/she is still on the run and evading capture. And so the chase continues,” a spokesperson for Auckland Council said. 


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