Pup comes home with a report card from daycare


Move over, helicopter parents! There’s a new breed of hovering guardians in town, and they come in the form of dog owners.

Picture this: a daycare center for dogs, but not just any ordinary daycare. Oh no, we’re talking about a place that hands out report cards that assess important skills like playfulness and sociability.

According to Newsweek, Jennifer Gregory, a Pennsylvania resident, took to the virtual stage of TikTok to spill the beans on her dog’s daycare adventures. The daycare staff asked Jennifer to equip Olive with a snazzy backpack so they could “put notes in it,” and she happily complied.

When her pup Olive returned, Jennifer found a report card awaiting her, declaring Olive as the “most bestest girl ever.” The daycare also praised her wiggle butt skills for Wiggle Butt Wednesday.

While Olive was lauded for being a good listener and kind to her classmates, the card cheekily suggested she could show more initiative in P.E. Nonetheless, Jennifer expressed gratitude to the doggy daycare for their thoughtful gesture, acknowledging the sweetness and love that Olive brings to their lives.


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