Reports wrong-way driver, realizes it’s himself


(NOTE LANGUAGE) A purportedly drunk driver in Nebraska unwittingly became the subject of his own downfall after reporting another motorist traveling in the wrong direction. Little did he know, he was the one at fault.

The peculiar incident, which occurred in March but was shared by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office recently, was captured on video. The inebriated driver informed dispatchers of a truck “on the wrong side of” Highway 77 in Lancaster County, almost causing him to swerve off the road. Despite his close call, he provided precise coordinates of the near-collision location, unknowingly facilitating his own apprehension.

Within moments, a deputy pulled the man over, leading to a sudden realization on the driver’s part. He candidly admitted his error when asked why he was stopped, attributing it to a missed exit.

“Do you know why I stopped you?” the officer asked.

“Yeah, because I was on the wrong side of the road,” the man answered, chalking the mistake up to a missed exit.

The driver then admitted to calling 9-1-1 on himself “because I thought someone was on the wrong side of the f****** road, bro.”

“But it turned out it was you?” asked the deputy.

“Yep, like a dumb f***,” the drunk driver admitted.

Subsequently, it was revealed that the driver’s blood alcohol content was more than double the legal limit, resulting in his arrest and placement in the back of a patrol car. The man even confessed to calling 911 on himself when the deputy recognized his identity, leading to a humorous exchange.


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