Rock climbers go green with “crap-tivating” solution to nature calls


In the wilds of Canada’s British Columbia Squamish area, where rock climbers roam, a quirky new program has burst onto the scene, and it’s all about tackling a rather “crappy” problem — human waste being left in the forest.

Imagine this: About 64 kilometers north of Vancouver — the halfway point to Whistler –they’re handing out bags to climbers, not for snacks or gear, but so that they can bag up their own waste.

You see, as Ben Webster, the Squamish Access Society chair, puts it, the popularity of rock climbing has exploded in the region, and with that comes a rather unsavory side effect — human waste popping up in all the wrong places, like at the base of cliffs, according to CBC News. Sometimes, climbers even stumble upon some not-so-pleasant surprises on their way up the rocks.

Katy Holm, one of the Climb On owners, wants you to know that these bags aren’t your typical flimsy, dog-poop-picker-upper bags. They’re robust, they don’t stink, and they won’t explode on you.

Now, while some folks in B.C.’s climbing community might find it a bit bizarre to start bagging their business, Webster hopes that everyone will give it a try. They’ve already set up five stations at climbing spots, with four more on the way, and guess what? The bags are flying off the shelves.


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