Seagulls lift drugs, leave stoners speechless


Britain’s seagulls have expanded their culinary horizons beyond measly pieces of bread. These creatures are now making headlines for their newfound interest in drug stashes. 

According to the Daily Star, the seagulls have been spotted swooping down and snatching away drug-users’ precious spice, a group of synthetic cannabinoids. While humans experience euphoria, paranoia, and even zombie-like behavior from this stuff, nobody bothered to investigate the effects of spice on seagulls. 

Reports of these audacious avian heists have surfaced in various locations, including Hastings, East Sussex, Margate, and Kent. Even major cities like London, Leeds, Manchester, and Liverpool have fallen victim to these winged robbers. It seems no joint is safe when the seagulls are on the prowl.

A reformed spice user from Hastings, admitted, “Gulls will go for anything. They used to come up behind us and grab whatever we had. If we were stoned and completely out of it, the gulls could just take the joint we were smoking and fly off.” 

Another said: “A seagull and spice is not a good combo. It turns them into psycho gulls.”

The result? Apparently, the birds go “mad” according to locals who said they saw a bird manically dive-bombing pedestrians before collapsing on the pavement.


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