Singer Brocarde calls it quits with ghost husband


In a ghostly twist of fate, singer Brocarde from Oxfordshire is calling it quits with her Victorian soldier husband, Edwardo, who is a literal ghost, according to Metro, a U.K. tabloid. 

Their spectral love story began when he passionately declared his affection during a stormy encounter in 2021. They seemed inseparable, with Edwardo even communicating cryptically with her in the shower. However, cracks soon appeared in their otherworldly relationship. They argued over a wedding date, leading Brocarde to design a Ouija board to settle the matter. But wedding planning became nightmarish, turning Edwardo into a groomzilla with an ever-growing list of demands.

The public eye didn’t deter Brocarde, as she shared their love story on This Morning and Instagram. Yet, the haunting love took a possessive turn, with Edwardo’s fascination with Marilyn Monroe complicating things further. Brocarde alleges he spent time with Marilyn’s spirit, smelling of her favorite perfume.

Their ghostly love song has come to an end, with Brocarde announcing the split through her latest track.


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